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Thursday, April 5

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TH9.10.01 Staying in Place or Moving Out: Untangling the Intricacy of Housing Stability and Residential Mobility in the U.S. Wentworth (2nd Floor) TH9.10.03 Challenges to Self-Sufficiency for Housing Residents City Hall Room (2nd Floor) TH9.10.04 Housing Quality and Tenant Protections Elgin (2nd Floor) TH9.10.06 Equitable Redevelopment or Just as Good as it Gets: Understanding the Limits and Opportunities for Preventing Displacement in Gentrifying Neighborhoods Churchill (2nd Floor) TH9.10.07 Civic/Public Engagement Strategies for Social Justice across Urban Policy Domains: Urban Resilience, Youth-Adult Partnerships, and School Nutrition Simcoe (2nd Floor) TH9.10.08 Public Policies and Non-profit Organizations Maple West (Mezzanine Floor) TH9.10.09 Queer (Sub)Urban Activisms--Mini Track Sponsored by MCRI Global Suburbanism/Urban Studies at York University Kenora (2nd Floor) TH9.10.10 The Possibilities of Historic Preservation as Tool for Community Empowerment, Engagement, and Collaboration Mackenzie (2nd Floor) TH9.10.11 Urban Outcomes from Education Policy Huron (2nd Floor) TH9.10.12 Ethnic Policies, Politics and Belonging  Chestnut East (Mezzanine Floor) TH9.10.13 Comparative Urban Analysis from the Global South Roosevelt (2nd Floor) TH9.10.14 Days of Future Past: Preservation and Cultural Identity Meet Economic Development Willow Centre (Mezzanine Floor) TH9.10.16 Sustainability Transitions in Local Government Chestnut West (Mezzanine Floor) TH9.10.17 Infrastructure, Transportation and Access in International Context Willow West (Mezzanine Floor) TH9.10.18 Vertical Urbanisms and the Regulatory Production of Urban Volumes Linden (Mezzanine Floor) TH9.10.19 Tourism-related Initiatives--Who Pays? Who Benefits? Pine West (Mezzanine Floor) TH9.10.20 Land, Urbanization & Expropriation - I Willow East (Mezzanine Floor) TH9.10.21 What Explains Political Attitudes and Representation? Pine East (Mezzanine Floor) TH9.10.22 Understanding the Policy and Planning Influences of Urban Growth and Shrinkage Cedar (Mezzanine Floor)

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TH10.50.00 Negotiating Participation: Urban Neighborhoods and the Potential of Resident Engagement Elgin (2nd Floor) TH10.50.02 Inclusive Urban Policies: Possibilities and Limitations for Equitable Outcomes Churchill (2nd Floor) TH10.50.04 Place Attachment and Residential Preferences Willow East (Mezzanine Floor) TH10.50.06 City for All: Integration and Reintegration of Refugees and Immigrants Kenora (2nd Floor) TH10.50.08 Creating Safe Urban Spaces: Policy Interventions from Media to Municipal Government Willow West (Mezzanine Floor) TH10.50.09 Understanding the New “Spaces” of Poverty Dufferin (2nd Floor) TH10.50.10  Place, Politics, Perception, and Preservation: Core Concepts for the Right to the City  Roosevelt (2nd Floor) TH10.50.12 Urban Innovation and Governance Transformation: A Comparative Perspective Pine East (Mezzanine Floor) TH10.50.13 Identity of Space: Migrants and Services in the Big City Maple West (Mezzanine Floor) TH10.50.14 The Regional Sum of Resilient Cities’ Parts: The Process and Effects of Urban Resilience Interventions within Broader Regions Willow Centre (Mezzanine Floor) TH10.50.15 The Politics of Resilience Mechanisms Maple East (Mezzanine Floor) TH10.50.16 Cultural Industry and Production in the City Mackenzie (2nd Floor) TH10.50.17 Finance-Led Capitalism, Housing and Urban Inequalities I: Logics, Institutions and Actors Kent (2nd Floor) TH10.50.18 Understanding, Managing and Reconfiguring the North American Suburb Linden (Mezzanine Floor) TH10.50.20 Exploring Urban Theories Pine West (Mezzanine Floor) TH10.50.21 Cities in Canadian and American Political Development Chestnut East (Mezzanine Floor) TH10.50.22 Post-Industrial Regional Resilience Cedar (Mezzanine Floor)

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TH1.30.01 Finance-Led Capitalism, Housing and Urban Inequalities II: Understanding Speculation, Value and Risk Kent (2nd Floor) TH1.30.02 Exploring Global Gentrification Processes Churchill (2nd Floor) TH1.30.04 The State, Housing and Community Regeneration Elgin (2nd Floor) TH1.30.05 Negotiating Space and Power Upon Contested Grounds Wentworth (2nd Floor) TH1.30.06 Partnerships and Local Governance Networks in Immigrant Integration: Municipalities in Comparative Perspective (#1) Huron (2nd Floor) TH1.30.07 Efficiency, Efficacy and Accessibility of Service Providing Programs Willow West (Mezzanine Floor) TH1.30.08 There's Nothing as Practical as a Good Theory: Rethinking Practice in Building Community Capital Simcoe (2nd Floor) TH1.30.09 Urban Planning and Redevelopment History 1 Mackenzie (2nd Floor) TH1.30.10 A Feminist Urban Theory for Our Time: Rethinking Social Reproduction, the Urban and its Constitutive Outside
 Kenora (2nd Floor) TH1.30.11 Globalization and Its Discontents: Inequality and Vulnerability Roosevelt (2nd Floor) TH1.30.12 Decentralization, Intergovernmental Competition and Cooperation Experiments in China and India Pine West (Mezzanine Floor) TH1.30.13 Understanding Resilience in the Face of Extreme Events Maple East (Mezzanine Floor) TH1.30.14 Air Pollution in Asia Chestnut West (Mezzanine Floor) TH1.30.15 Urban Images, Urban Styles, Urban Readings Maple West (Mezzanine Floor) TH1.30.16 Urbanizing Regions in the Global South: A Comparative Perspective Willow East (Mezzanine Floor) TH1.30.17 Studying Urban Government at Multiple Scales Pine East (Mezzanine Floor) TH1.30.18 Rust and Shine: Post-Industrial Redevelopment and the Growth Imperative Willow Centre (Mezzanine Floor) TH1.30.20 Who Participates? Reshaping the Image of the Voter Linden (Mezzanine Floor) TH1.30.21 What is “The Region” in City-Region Research? Current Themes and Debates Cedar (Mezzanine Floor)

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TH3.10.01 Finance-Led Capitalism, Housing and Urban Inequalities III: The State, Real Estate, and the Transformation of the City Kent (2nd Floor) TH3.10.02 Strategies for Housing Affordability in Global Cities Wentworth (2nd Floor) TH3.10.04 Communities for All, Across the Lifecourse Elgin (2nd Floor) TH3.10.05 Land, Property, and Land Conflicts: The Intersection of Urban and Rural Cedar (Mezzanine Floor) TH3.10.06 Planning for the Millennial City Linden (Mezzanine Floor) TH3.10.07 Understanding Health and Mobility in Urban Contexts Kenora (2nd Floor) TH3.10.08 Urban Innovation and Inclusion Simcoe (2nd Floor) TH3.10.10 Urban Planning and Redevelopment History 2 Mackenzie (2nd Floor) TH3.10.11 Schools and Urban/Suburban Changes Huron (2nd Floor) TH3.10.13 Ongoing and Future Challenges on Urban Spaces in Post-Growth Japan Roosevelt (2nd Floor) TH3.10.14 Innovative Urban Climate Governance  Chestnut West (Mezzanine Floor) TH3.10.16 Vertical Urbanisms and the Regulatory Production of “Urban Volumes” - Panel 2 Willow East (Mezzanine Floor) TH3.10.17 Mega-Event Planning: Sporting Events as Political Tools for Urban Growth, Regeneration, and Revitalization Willow Centre (Mezzanine Floor) TH3.10.18 Ongoing Urban Distress in the Post-Industrial Midwest Chestnut East (Mezzanine Floor) TH3.10.19 Land, Urbanization & Expropriation - II Pine West (Mezzanine Floor) TH3.10.20 Public-Private Collaboration in City Building Pine East (Mezzanine Floor) TH3.10.21 Institutional Fragmentation and Mass Transit Willow West (Mezzanine Floor)
Friday, April 6

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FR9.40.00 Global Postsuburbia--Mini Track Sponsored by MCRI Global Suburbanism/Urban Studies at York University Churchill (2nd Floor) FR9.40.01 Finance-Led Capitalism, Housing and Urban Inequalities V: Generational Effects and Inequalities Kent (2nd Floor) FR9.40.02 Social Inequality and Housing Over the Life Course: International Perspectives Wentworth (2nd Floor) FR9.40.03 Developing Housing, Developing Community Elgin (2nd Floor) FR9.40.04 Non-traditional Financing and Forms of Ownership Willow Centre (Mezzanine Floor) FR9.40.06 Partnerships and Local Governance Networks in Immigrant Integration: Municipalities in Comparative Perspective (#2) Roosevelt (2nd Floor) FR9.40.07 Health Status and Risk Factors in Urban Environments I Dufferin (2nd Floor) FR9.40.08 Jobs, Inequality and Community Development Simcoe (2nd Floor) FR9.40.10 Education, Public Policy and Urban Affairs Huron (2nd Floor) FR9.40.11 Ethnicity and Class Shaping our Daily Environments Kenora (2nd Floor) FR9.40.12 Environmental Policies in Urban Planning Chestnut West (Mezzanine Floor) FR9.40.13 Improving Municipal Service Performance During and After Disasters Maple East (Mezzanine Floor) FR9.40.14 Community-driven Urban Design, Livability and Social Justice Willow West (Mezzanine Floor) FR9.40.16 Planning the Built Environment Linden (Mezzanine Floor) FR9.40.17 Location Theory: Economic Policies and Private Decision-making Maple West (Mezzanine Floor) FR9.40.19 Policy Learning, Policy Failure and Policy Plagiarism: Reflective Cities in the Urban Sandbox Mackenzie (2nd Floor) FR9.40.20 The Platform Economy and the City I Chestnut East (Mezzanine Floor) FR9.40.21 Discourse Analysis of Public Policy and Regulation Pine West (Mezzanine Floor)

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FR11.10.01 Mortgage Lending: Distribution Patterns and Outcomes Kent (2nd Floor) FR11.10.02 Processes of Inclusion and Exclusion in Urban Communities Elgin (2nd Floor) FR11.10.03 Consumption, Lifestyle and Culture in Gentrifying Neighborhoods Wentworth (2nd Floor) FR11.10.04 The Impacts of Displacement on Residents and Communities Churchill (2nd Floor) FR11.10.06 Change and Mobility Among the Immigrant Popuation  Kenora (2nd Floor) FR11.10.07 Health Status and Risk Factors in Urban Environments 2 Maple West (Mezzanine Floor) FR11.10.08 Emerging Nontraditional Employment/Labor Trends Maple East (Mezzanine Floor) FR11.10.09 Social Media, Technology and Participation in Urban Life Mackenzie (2nd Floor) FR11.10.10 Enhancing Education and Urban Life Huron (2nd Floor) FR11.10.11 The Planning Practice in Face of Gender, Race, Class and Disabilities  Simcoe (2nd Floor) FR11.10.12 Climate Risks Management in Rapidly Developing Cities Roosevelt (2nd Floor) FR11.10.14 Regeneration, Resilience and Urban Production Chestnut East (Mezzanine Floor) FR11.10.15 Transportation Needs and Access of the Disadvantaged Willow West (Mezzanine Floor) FR11.10.16 Land Use Planning and Urban Development Strategies Willow East (Mezzanine Floor) FR11.10.17 Fostering Local Economies Through Labor Incentives and Jobs Creation Willow Centre (Mezzanine Floor) FR11.10.19 What is so Different About Urban Politics and Elections? Pine East (Mezzanine Floor) FR11.10.20 The Platform Economy and the City II Pine West (Mezzanine Floor) FR11.10.21 Metropolitan Planning, Cooperation and Reform Cedar (Mezzanine Floor)

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FR2.05.01 Planning for Community Participation Churchill (2nd Floor) FR2.05.02 Characteristics and Consequences of Neighborhood Environments Elgin (2nd Floor) FR2.05.03 Discourse, Framing and Meaning in Urban Areas Wentworth (2nd Floor) FR2.05.05 Sustainability City Models and Measurements Maple East (Mezzanine Floor) FR2.05.08 Employment, Precarity, and Training Programs Mackenzie (2nd Floor) FR2.05.09 Racism, Classism and Sexism in Urban Structures, Policies and Programs  Kenora (2nd Floor) FR2.05.10 Does the "State" Know Best? Contemporary Policy and Planning in Latin America and The Caribbean Roosevelt (2nd Floor) FR2.05.11 Who Benefits? Urban Development and Resident Participation Kent (2nd Floor) FR2.05.12 Urban Decarbonization, Infrastructure, and Politics Chestnut West (Mezzanine Floor) FR2.05.13 Measuring Well-Being in Vulnerable Communities Huron (2nd Floor) FR2.05.14 Infrastructure and Transport Planning --Who Plans? Who Benefits? Willow West (Mezzanine Floor) FR2.05.15 Urban (Re)Development and the Challenges of Growth Willow Centre (Mezzanine Floor) FR2.05.16 Concepts and Tools for Development and Redevelopment Willow East (Mezzanine Floor) FR2.05.17 Towards the Vibrant City: The Role of Commerce, Services and Cultural Equipments Linden (Mezzanine Floor) FR2.05.19 Alternative Approaches to City Building Pine East (Mezzanine Floor) FR2.05.20 Duration and Urban Activism Simcoe (2nd Floor) FR2.05.21 “Peopling” Space: The Governance of Populations in Montréal Neighbourhoods Dufferin (2nd Floor) FR2.05.22 Neo-liberalism, Austerity and Collaborative Urban Governance Pine West (Mezzanine Floor)
Saturday, April 7

9:00am EDT

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