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Friday, April 6


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FR8.00.00 Writing and Publishing Dufferin (2nd Floor) FR8.00.10 Race, Neo-liberalism, and Resistance: Scholar-Activists’ Theoretical and Practical Work in the Movement to Save and Transform Urban Public Education Huron (2nd Floor) FR8.00.19 A Women's Place: Theorizing Gender and Gentrification City Hall Room (2nd Floor) FR8.00.01 Finance-Led Capitalism, Housing and Urban Inequalities IV: Neoliberalism and the Gentrification of Rental Housing Kent (2nd Floor) FR8.00.02 Technology and Urban Governance Pine West (Mezzanine Floor) FR8.00.03 Affordable Housing Development Churchill (2nd Floor) FR8.00.04 LIHTC: Development Processes and Outcomes Wentworth (2nd Floor) FR8.00.05 Redevelopment, Infrastructure Project and Social Justice Elgin (2nd Floor) FR8.00.06 Immigrants Finding Their "Space" Kenora (2nd Floor) FR8.00.07 Stages of Life, Food Access and Disease Prevention Maple East (Mezzanine Floor) FR8.00.08 Toward Equity and Justice in Urban Labor Markets Maple West (Mezzanine Floor) FR8.00.09 Social and Political History of Cities and Neighbourhoods Mackenzie (2nd Floor) FR8.00.11 Heteronormative Bias and Selective Police Actions Roosevelt (2nd Floor) FR8.00.15 Green Infrastructures, Urban Design and Resilience Chestnut West (Mezzanine Floor) FR8.00.16 Land Use Strategies and Policies Willow East (Mezzanine Floor) FR8.00.17 Residential Mobility, Class and Ethnicity Simcoe (2nd Floor) FR8.00.18 Understanding Regional Factors in Economic Development Willow Centre (Mezzanine Floor) FR8.00.20 Creating Spaces for Participation: Expanding (and Contracting) the Public Square Chestnut East (Mezzanine Floor) FR8.00.21 How Are Regions Governed? Cedar (Mezzanine Floor)

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FR9.40.22 The Journal of Urban Affairs at 40: Transitions, Transformations, and Milestones City Hall Room (2nd Floor) FR9.40.23 Can Cities in the US Actually Govern? Pine East (Mezzanine Floor) FR9.40.00 Global Postsuburbia--Mini Track Sponsored by MCRI Global Suburbanism/Urban Studies at York University Churchill (2nd Floor) FR9.40.01 Finance-Led Capitalism, Housing and Urban Inequalities V: Generational Effects and Inequalities Kent (2nd Floor) FR9.40.02 Social Inequality and Housing Over the Life Course: International Perspectives Wentworth (2nd Floor) FR9.40.03 Developing Housing, Developing Community Elgin (2nd Floor) FR9.40.04 Non-traditional Financing and Forms of Ownership Willow Centre (Mezzanine Floor) FR9.40.06 Partnerships and Local Governance Networks in Immigrant Integration: Municipalities in Comparative Perspective (#2) Roosevelt (2nd Floor) FR9.40.07 Health Status and Risk Factors in Urban Environments I Dufferin (2nd Floor) FR9.40.08 Jobs, Inequality and Community Development Simcoe (2nd Floor) FR9.40.10 Education, Public Policy and Urban Affairs Huron (2nd Floor) FR9.40.11 Ethnicity and Class Shaping our Daily Environments Kenora (2nd Floor) FR9.40.12 Environmental Policies in Urban Planning Chestnut West (Mezzanine Floor) FR9.40.13 Improving Municipal Service Performance During and After Disasters Maple East (Mezzanine Floor) FR9.40.14 Community-driven Urban Design, Livability and Social Justice Willow West (Mezzanine Floor) FR9.40.16 Planning the Built Environment Linden (Mezzanine Floor) FR9.40.17 Location Theory: Economic Policies and Private Decision-making Maple West (Mezzanine Floor) FR9.40.19 Policy Learning, Policy Failure and Policy Plagiarism: Reflective Cities in the Urban Sandbox Mackenzie (2nd Floor) FR9.40.20 The Platform Economy and the City I Chestnut East (Mezzanine Floor) FR9.40.21 Discourse Analysis of Public Policy and Regulation Pine West (Mezzanine Floor)

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FR11.10.00 What Are Book Editors and Publishers Looking For? Ask Them! Dufferin (2nd Floor) FR11.10.13 Climate Change in Cities: Innovations in Multi-Level Governance Chestnut West (Mezzanine Floor) FR11.10.18 Author Meets Critics: Bob Beauregard's Cities in the Urban Age: A Dissent (2018) City Hall Room (2nd Floor) FR11.10.01 Mortgage Lending: Distribution Patterns and Outcomes Kent (2nd Floor) FR11.10.02 Processes of Inclusion and Exclusion in Urban Communities Elgin (2nd Floor) FR11.10.03 Consumption, Lifestyle and Culture in Gentrifying Neighborhoods Wentworth (2nd Floor) FR11.10.04 The Impacts of Displacement on Residents and Communities Churchill (2nd Floor) FR11.10.06 Change and Mobility Among the Immigrant Popuation  Kenora (2nd Floor) FR11.10.07 Health Status and Risk Factors in Urban Environments 2 Maple West (Mezzanine Floor) FR11.10.08 Emerging Nontraditional Employment/Labor Trends Maple East (Mezzanine Floor) FR11.10.09 Social Media, Technology and Participation in Urban Life Mackenzie (2nd Floor) FR11.10.10 Enhancing Education and Urban Life Huron (2nd Floor) FR11.10.11 The Planning Practice in Face of Gender, Race, Class and Disabilities  Simcoe (2nd Floor) FR11.10.12 Climate Risks Management in Rapidly Developing Cities Roosevelt (2nd Floor) FR11.10.14 Regeneration, Resilience and Urban Production Chestnut East (Mezzanine Floor) FR11.10.15 Transportation Needs and Access of the Disadvantaged Willow West (Mezzanine Floor) FR11.10.16 Land Use Planning and Urban Development Strategies Willow East (Mezzanine Floor) FR11.10.17 Fostering Local Economies Through Labor Incentives and Jobs Creation Willow Centre (Mezzanine Floor) FR11.10.19 What is so Different About Urban Politics and Elections? Pine East (Mezzanine Floor) FR11.10.20 The Platform Economy and the City II Pine West (Mezzanine Floor) FR11.10.21 Metropolitan Planning, Cooperation and Reform Cedar (Mezzanine Floor)

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FR2.05.18 Thinking the City: Bob Beauregard on the City as Theory, Politics, Materiality City Hall Room (2nd Floor) FR2.05.01 Planning for Community Participation Churchill (2nd Floor) FR2.05.02 Characteristics and Consequences of Neighborhood Environments Elgin (2nd Floor) FR2.05.03 Discourse, Framing and Meaning in Urban Areas Wentworth (2nd Floor) FR2.05.05 Sustainability City Models and Measurements Maple East (Mezzanine Floor) FR2.05.08 Employment, Precarity, and Training Programs Mackenzie (2nd Floor) FR2.05.09 Racism, Classism and Sexism in Urban Structures, Policies and Programs  Kenora (2nd Floor) FR2.05.10 Does the "State" Know Best? Contemporary Policy and Planning in Latin America and The Caribbean Roosevelt (2nd Floor) FR2.05.11 Who Benefits? Urban Development and Resident Participation Kent (2nd Floor) FR2.05.12 Urban Decarbonization, Infrastructure, and Politics Chestnut West (Mezzanine Floor) FR2.05.13 Measuring Well-Being in Vulnerable Communities Huron (2nd Floor) FR2.05.14 Infrastructure and Transport Planning --Who Plans? Who Benefits? Willow West (Mezzanine Floor) FR2.05.15 Urban (Re)Development and the Challenges of Growth Willow Centre (Mezzanine Floor) FR2.05.16 Concepts and Tools for Development and Redevelopment Willow East (Mezzanine Floor) FR2.05.17 Towards the Vibrant City: The Role of Commerce, Services and Cultural Equipments Linden (Mezzanine Floor) FR2.05.19 Alternative Approaches to City Building Pine East (Mezzanine Floor) FR2.05.20 Duration and Urban Activism Simcoe (2nd Floor) FR2.05.21 “Peopling” Space: The Governance of Populations in Montréal Neighbourhoods Dufferin (2nd Floor) FR2.05.22 Neo-liberalism, Austerity and Collaborative Urban Governance Pine West (Mezzanine Floor)

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FR3.30.03 An Index for Dimensions of Social Sustainability in Urban Areas Provincial Ballroom (2nd Floor) FR3.30.04 Climate Action in Five Brazilian Cities: A Multiple Case Study Provincial Ballroom (2nd Floor) FR3.30.05 Implementation of Municipal Natural Asset Management (NAM): Barriers and Opportunities for the Planning Profession Provincial Ballroom (2nd Floor) FR3.30.06 Heat Wave Vulnerability Assessment and Planning for Adaptation to Heat Wave: Focus on Seoul Provincial Ballroom (2nd Floor) FR3.30.07 Designing a Strategic Spatial Planning Model for Urban Resilience Through Inter-Regional Network Governance in Korea Provincial Ballroom (2nd Floor) FR3.30.08 Childhood Lead Poisoning in Milwaukee Provincial Ballroom (2nd Floor) FR3.30.09 Administrators’ Perspective on Fiscal Sustainability of Public Library Districts Provincial Ballroom (2nd Floor) FR3.30.13 Migration and Its Effects on Relative Deprivation and Health in China: Evidence from a National Survey Provincial Ballroom (2nd Floor) FR3.30.14 Social Capital and Community Gardens: A Strategy to Combat Social and Environmental Injustices Provincial Ballroom (2nd Floor) FR3.30.15 Two Types of Urban Public Memorial Landscapes in Japan: A Case Study on the Commemoration of Bombing Victims Provincial Ballroom (2nd Floor) FR3.30.17 What Makes People Trust Their Neighbors? A Comparative Analysis Based on Housing Types Provincial Ballroom (2nd Floor) FR3.30.18 A Comparison of Residential Satisfaction Among Public Housing Residents and Housing Choice Voucher Recipients Provincial Ballroom (2nd Floor) FR3.30.19 Measuring Neighborhood Satisfaction Through Participation in Civic Organizations and Neighborhood Groups Provincial Ballroom (2nd Floor) FR3.30.20 "Crisis", Public Space, and City Building: The Redevelopment of Moss Park Provincial Ballroom (2nd Floor) FR3.30.21 Gentrification in Pittsburgh: A Comparison Across Methods and Communities Provincial Ballroom (2nd Floor) FR3.30.23 Changes in Low Income Population Levels Along the Millennium Line SkyTrain in Vancouver, Canada, 2001-2011: A Transportation Equity Analysis Provincial Ballroom (2nd Floor) FR3.30.24 Refugee Policy & Social Integration in Jordan: Structural Barriers to Enclave Formation Among Forced Migrants in Jordan Provincial Ballroom (2nd Floor) FR3.30.25 Somali Incorporation in Urban Sweden Provincial Ballroom (2nd Floor) FR3.30.27 Identifying Vulnerable Transportation Areas in the City of Toronto Using Access Profile Analysis Provincial Ballroom (2nd Floor) FR3.30.29 Gender Matters: An Investigation of Planning Workplaces Provincial Ballroom (2nd Floor) FR3.30.31 Task-Biased Technological Change, City Size, and Inter-City Employment Gap in Korea Provincial Ballroom (2nd Floor) FR3.30.32 Who Cares? Lived Experiences of Home Care Aides in Milwaukee Provincial Ballroom (2nd Floor) FR3.30.34 Linking Walkability with Racial Diversity: Metro Atlanta Case 2000 – 2013 Provincial Ballroom (2nd Floor) FR3.30.35 Comparative Analysis on Urban Transformation in UK and China: A Case Study of Manchester and Hangzhou Provincial Ballroom (2nd Floor) FR3.30.37 An Empirical Analysis of the Agglomeration Effects of Creative Industry on Employment Growth Provincial Ballroom (2nd Floor) FR3.30.39 Street-level Retail and Urban Fabric of the Metropolitan Region of Buenos Aires: The Southern Corridor Provincial Ballroom (2nd Floor) FR3.30.40 Green Space and Livable Urban Development: A Comparative Case Study of Southeast Asian Cities Provincial Ballroom (2nd Floor) FR3.30.42 The Politics of Homelessness in Los Angeles County Provincial Ballroom (2nd Floor) FR3.30.43 A Comparison of Income Trajectories Between Working Poor and Working Non-Poor in Seoul Metropolitan Area of Korea: A Latent Growth Model Provincial Ballroom (2nd Floor) FR3.30.44 The Effects of Uber on Low-Income Communities Provincial Ballroom (2nd Floor) FR3.30.45 Gathering Place? Intercultural Engagement in the Milwaukee Area: Perspectives from Emerging Leaders Provincial Ballroom (2nd Floor) FR3.30.46 Exploring Gendered Outcomes of the School-to-Prison Pipeline Provincial Ballroom (2nd Floor) FR3.30.54 Housing and Transportation in an Aging Friendly Community Provincial Ballroom (2nd Floor) FR3.30.58 Sejong-Si: Comparison of Housing Price's Spatial Impact Before and After Development Provincial Ballroom (2nd Floor) FR3.30.60 Tourism Gentrification in Historic District Renovation —— The Case of Lingnan Tiandi, Foshan Provincial Ballroom (2nd Floor) FR3.30.61 The Guangxi-Guangdong West River-Pearl River Corridor 2020’s: Some Development Frameworks for New Opportunities Provincial Ballroom (2nd Floor) FR3.30.62 Neighborhood Built Environment and Job Accessibility Provincial Ballroom (2nd Floor)

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